INFRARED SLIKE – Skrivene tajne

Dijana Nazor (…) has for many years been engaging in an extremely intriguing and useful scientific field and the subject of the Paintings in the infrared spectrum: postponing the visibleon which she defended her doctoral dissertation on Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. (…) By creating a new pictorial work, the author contributes to the development of the invisible painting and points to a new possibility / perspective of painting in the media of easel-based painting in close infrared (NIR) area in the application of a double painting. In the field of painting, (…) But the result is equally astonishing, as we have before us the paintings of double faces, fabulae and messages, not only the faces and worldviews we show to the public and / or carry in the intimacy of our space, but a clear sign that we live immersed in multidimensional reality. Almost everything around us is full of double codes, obverse and reverse, fractured fragments of reality... Dijana Nazor has merged, in a very sensitive way, everything that she perceives around her emotionally and mentally with authentic scientific practice and methodology, remaining in the field of artistic charge.

Iva Körbler

Part of the text from the catalog of the circular exhibition Discovering painting secrets - InfraredArt, Izložbeni salon palače Sermage, Gradski muzej Varaždin, 11. 9. – 6. 10. 2019.


Dijana Nazor’s exhibition is a thematic unit that summarises her expression as an artist and painter with the scientific possibilities of the infrared spectrum. Thus, it is possible to comprehend ‘in depth’ paintings that are separated by what is visible in daylight and what is visible in the infrared spectrum. (…) Dijana Nazor’s art is complemented with a scientific dimension. There are numerous examples of the application of physical technologies in the function of investigating artwork, the characteristics of its creation, authenticity or degree of preservation, as well as later interventions. However, this exhibition reveals the steps in the creative process of making an artwork, which has multiple meanings. (…) Since the near infrared spectrum reacts to a very nuanced application of paints with their specific characteristics, we can claim that the recording of a work in that spectrum is a guardian of its authenticity because the degree of specificity is almost irreproducible. Thus, we get to the application of infrared spectrum for the protection and preservation of cultural heritage, which is also an area of Dijana’s interest as a conservator and restorer. (…) This segment of her professional activity is represented by two paintings in which she highly successfully completed a conservation and restoration process. (…)

Ferdinand Meder

Part of speech given at the opening of the exhibition Paintings in the infrared spectrum: postponing the visible, Dom hrvatskih likovnih umjetnika u Galeriji Bačva, 19. 4. 2016.

DIJANA NAZOR: INFRARED SLIKE – Razotkrivanje anđela

(...) This is a new kind of painting technique: painting with the standard acrylic paints using two spectral ranges. (…) Dijana steps into dimensions beyond our imagination, where science reaches art, taking in each new painting a polychrome accords and morphological expressions with a powerful signature of an artist. Skilfully mastering large formats, the author also maintains autonomy of her expression in small formats of 20 by 20 or30 by 30 cm and manages to convey associative-poetic atmosphere from the top, visible, painting to the underneath, hidden, one. The unity of the two is not disturbed although they carry different expressions, different spiritual forces and subconscious flow. This kind of painting is an expression of transition between two worlds, an existence that was set free from the laws of this world. The paintings exhibited for the first time, about thirty of them of a small format, are a form of experiment, sketches revealing insight and research, a pioneer of large formats. (…) With her ‘revealed’ motives, she is also sending us introspective and artistic messages. In this way, by purposefully absorbing artistic ideas, she has created a completely autonomous visual story with a multitude of motives and themes. (…)

Sanda Stanaćev Bajzek

Excerpt from the catalogue of the exhibition Infra-red paintings – revealing the angels,red paintings – revealing the angels,, Muzej Prigorja, 20. 11. – 4. 12. 2018.

The painter of hidden angels

(…) Doduše, fine fluidne anđele nećete vidjeti odmah jer su u slici skriveni u skladu sa svojom tajanstvenom biti. Riječ je o dvostrukim slikama u kojima umjetnica u gornjoj slici prikazuje apstraktan svijet crvenog, plavog i narančastog kolorita ispod kojeg se nalazi skriveni svijet svjetlosnih anđela, ali i skrivenih poruka, autoportreta i portreta. Slike prije svega otkrivaju slikaricu snažnog kolorita čije stvarne „slike” nose apstraktne poetske eksplozije raspršenih čestica, a dijelom geometrijsku apstrakciju elemenata slobodno raspoređenih na platnima. U tim se „gornjim” slikama Dijana Nazor podjednako potvrđuje kao sljedbenica velikih apstraktnih slikara europske i hrvatske likovnosti. Dok „gornje” slike nose vidljivi svijet,  u nekim je „nevidljivim”, odnosno skrivenim slikama autorica ispisala poruke umjetnika i mislilaca kojima se divi: Nevidljivo remek djelo   – Hans Belting, Aura suvremene umjetnosti je slobodna asocijacija – Nicolas Bourriaud, Razmatranje likovnih umjetnosti čine stvari vidljivima – Hans Sedlmayr, Umjetnost ne ponavlja vidljivo, ona čini vidljivim – Paul Klee. Posebno su zanimljivi skriveni portreti   Merleau-Pontyja, Kleea, Rothka i Beltinga, ali i autoportreti gdje se Dijana Nazor otkriva i kao izvrstan portretist. Radi se o novoj vrsti slikarstva tj. slikanja korištenjem dvaju spektralnih područja, a upotrebom standardnih akrilnih boja. (…)

Marina Tenžera

7 dnevno, The painter of hidden angels, andela/, 20 November 2018



Can we be at two different places at the same time? Most will say ‘no’ without hesitation, because it defies the laws of physics. And they would be right. And, can two paintings be painted on the same canvas and both be visible at the same time? Many will again say ‘no’, but this time they are wrong. Namely, with modern infrared technology this has become possible. You will not believe it, but this technique was invented by Croats. (…) Dijana Nazor presented herself with30 paintings of different formats; actually, with twice as many, as each canvas contains two different works. This exhibition is unique and as such has been held for the first time in Sesvete. By introducing this new technology, she is taking a risk of media discussing the technology behind the art more than her art itself. (…) The artist herself was wearing a dress with infrared imprint. I believe that this method of painting will quickly get the attention of many art lovers and collectors, but for now we cannot even grasp how and in which direction will that new artistic and technological trend develop. (…)

Borko Samec

SesveteDanas, Slikarstvo Dijane Nazor u Infracrvenom području”, izlozbe/slikarstvo-dijane-nazor-u-infra-crvenom-podrucju-8661, 21 November 2018


(…) An important and artistically powerful creative aspect of creating a painting evokes an eternal question for an artist and a theorist: what in a painting is visible and what is invisible. (…) Dijana’s latest paintings are a fruit of research in the purposeful creation of a painting within a painting, creating a dua painting on a highly technological level, an installation that is a combination of easel and camera. (…) Images of the first cycle in the visible spectrum are a reminiscence of the avant-garde attempts to create a systemized abecedarium that would eventually result in a new aesthetics. However, this is not an imitation of a role model but a personal search for the creation of a dual painting based on new knowledge and experience with pigments. (…) The most exciting and, in my opinion, crown cycle of this artistic research is the cycle of paintings of free gesture and almost musically colouristic orchestration in which the melody is harmonious with its counterpoint, like bells, and it creates exciting compositions that are pleasing to the eye and in which playful angels are hidden. (…) All three cycles shown here are part of a new and original path that revealed itself as an invitation and a challenge to its followers. This contribution to the history of art that Dijana Nazor has given us with this exhibition certainly has an avant-garde significance, not so much in the formal determination of the visible, but in the formal determination of the dual painting, both visible and invisible spectra, as a new phenomenon.

Branka Hlevnjak

Part of speech given at the opening of the exhibition Pa-intings in the infrared spectrum: postponing the visible, Croatian Association of Artists, Bačva Gallery, 19 April 2016


Different artistic interests characterise Dijana Nazor’s artistic opus. In each step of her creation she shows tendency towards innovative, both in the examples within classical aesthetics and in her openness to new fine art insights (…) In this exhibition, her artistic sensibility flows into several directions, each of which is created in a relationship between two paintings, one on top of the other. (…) We could say that there are two exhibitions in one. One visible and the other invisible, observable only through a camera. In each case it is an intriguing dialogue that offers a new level of artistic communication. (…) Creatively, together with the works of Nada Žiljak, it is a pioneering task, questioning and investigating an artwork fraction with the mutual knowledge between the numerator and denominator. (…) In the cycle Invisible guardians Dijana feels comfortably at home. Angels are a motif she has dedicated numerous creative works, painting them individually or in picturesque groups. (…) The façade of the dual painting captivates us with the beauty of lyric abstraction and is harmonious with the fluidity of the angels who are secretly waiting to be revealed. To become a visible painting. From an iconographic point, in a way exalted in the painting, the angels are the best choice to interpret the idea of infrared spectrum. (…) Dijana Nazor, an artist who lives her art, has enriched it with the ‘painting within painting’, doing an excellent job with it, and she will probably continue searching for multi-layered truth in the artwork. (...)

Stanko Špoljarić

Excerpt from the catalogue of the exhibition Paintings in the infrared spectrum: postponing the visible, the Small Hall Gallery Prica, PUO Samobor, 6-17 September 2016


Fascinacija Dijana Nazor Čorda novim načinom slikanja vodila ju je u osobne slikarske eksperimente, dovela napokon i do doktorata 2017., ali i nakon toga, s još je većim zanosom i maštovitošću stvara IR slike, IR odjeću, IR umjetničku tapiseriju itd. Doista je fascinantno vidjeti što se sve događa u tom za naš prirodan pogled čistom „mraku“ u koji je umjetnica unijela svoj „tajni“ uradak, a koji vidimo tek kada u njega zavirimo pomoćnim optičkim alatima“. (…) Jedan od njezinih najnovijih i velikih poduhvata bila je izrada, u tvornici tepiha u Zaboku, prve IR umjetničke tapiserije što je po svojoj prilici jedinstveno u svijetu! (…) Dijana Nazor Čorda razvila je svoje tajno slikarsko IR pismo, tajanstvene oblikovne poruke, portrete, citate i čitave labirinte. (…) Apstrakcije Dijane kad ih promatramo golim očima, i neznajući za njihovu IR modifikaciju ili mutaciju (vidljivu u animaciji prilagođenoj promjenama IR spektra), vibriraju pozitivnom energijom. Kao da se u zelenim, plavim i crvenim turbulentnim zrakama vrte sitne čestice nekih izgubljenih riječi, izlomljenih pisama, oblici koji lepršaju kako bi dosegli u jednom času neki dodatni smisao osim same začudne ljepote.

Branka Hlevnjak

Excerpt from the catalogue of the exhibition Visible-invisible world, Mala retrospektiva IR slikarstva, Gradski muzej Bjelovar, 2. 8. – 1. 9. 2022.