Doctoral exhibition Paintings in the infrared spectrum – postponing the visible in Gallery Prica in Samobor

On 6 September 2016, Dijana Nazor's solo exhibition Paintings in the infrared spectrum – postponing the visible was opened In the small hall of Gallery Prica in Samobor.

The exhibition was the artistic part of the PhD thesis of the doctoral study of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts of the University of Zagreb.

The mentors were Prof. Art. Igor Rončević from the Academy of Fine Arts, and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sc. Jana Žiljak Gršić from Zagreb University of Applied Sciences.

Art historian and art critic Branka Hlevnjak gave a speech about the exhibition, which was opened by Gallery Prica curator Nikolina Šimunović.

The opening of the exhibition was adorned by a young guitarist Marija Crljen.

Art historian Stanko Špoljarić wrote in the foreword: 'Different creative inertests characterise the artistic work of Dijana Nazor, who expresses inclination towards the innovative in all stages of her creation, both within classical aesthetics as well as in the openness towards new artistic knowledge. (...)

In this exhibition she developed her artistic sensibility in several directions, each created keeping in mind the correlation of the two paintings, one above the other.

The painting underneath, observed with a camera with special sensitivity, is visible to the observer by reading the colours in the infrared range, the energy of light, simply the values and specificities of each colour. We can say that there are two exhibitions within one. In any case, it is an intriguing dialogue that offers a new level of artistic communication.'

The exhibition is the result of a five-year research of the properties of twin colours/pigments through three painting cycles. The paintings were based on InfraredArt ,which introduced the application of new understandings in the area of the protection of documents and products.

This knowledge is deepened at the exhibition of paintings and the first exploration of its application in retouch as part of the conservation-restoration practice.

The film presented at the exhibition demonstrated the entire process of conservation and restoration of paintings with the emphasis on the targeted invisible retouch in the near infrared spectrum (suggested in the PhD thesis). Visitors were also able to see an animation of six images showing the transition from the visual into the near infrared spectrum.

The catalogue photographs were taken by Jurica Škudar and the author of the exhibition. Nikolina Šimunović and Dijana Nazor created the artistic composition.

Financial support by Public Open University Samobor and Galerija Prica made this exhibition possible.

Iva Lulić and Boris Hnatjuk photographed the opening of the exhibition, which was open until 17 September 2016.

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Dijana Nazor Corda was born in 1971 in Split. She received her PhD at the Postgraduate Doctoral Study Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts at the University of Zagreb in 2017. She graduated in 1995 at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Sciences and Educational Areas in Split, today the Academy of Arts, and earned the title of professor of fine arts culture-restorer. In 1990, she graduated from the School Center for Applied Arts and Design in Split. She has received several awards, awards and praise for artistic work. He lives and works in Zagreb.

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