Nazor Čorda




The method of deliberate, targeted imaging of double images, one in the visual and the other in the near-infrared (near-infrared, NIR) range at 1000 nm is unique in the world. It was created on the basis of theory InfraredArt. Even without an observer, hidden images exist as a secret image or message until they are detected using an IR camera. It is about one work, but two different experiences of the same painting. The art in infrared painting exists even though it is not visible, even though it is hidden. dr. art. Dijana Nazor Čorda contributed significantly to the combination of art and science with an interdisciplinary approach Infrared painting (infrared painting, IRP) by researching the properties of color twins in visual and near-infrared light. She continues to discover new imaging possibilities in the NIR spectrum even after she defended her doctoral dissertation entitled Paintings in the infrared spectrum: postponing the visible at the Academy of Fine Arts of the University of Zagreb.